Bronica ETRS-i

A Bronica ETRS-i was my first medium-format camera. The camera has been my No 1. work-horse for a number of years; it is relatively convenient to bring along and it produces very sharp and crisp negatives. I very much enjoy using this one. Unfortunately, it has been sitting for a while now in favor to my other cameras.


Pentax 67ii

The second medium-format camera to come into my possession was a Pentax 67ii. I could not resist to get me this one since P67ii have such a reputation for being a great camera for landscape photography. Also, I was excited working with 6x7 cm negatives. Nowdays, this is the camera I use most.


Zeiss Ikon - Ikonta M

I bought an Ikonta M for two reasons: I was charmed by the simplicity of a vintage range-finder such as this one, and I wanted to have a compact camera to bring on trips. It is great fun to use this one, everything is so basic and completely manual.


Wista Field 45 DX

Trying to convince myself for years that I should not get into large format, an offer eventually came up that I could not resists. The Wista Field 45DX is a 4x5" cherry wood filed camera that is very nice to look at and very fun to operate. Certainly, nothing is for free operating this camera and it is very slow to make a photograph, but I like it.

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Bronica ETRSi
Bronica ETRSi

Bronica ETRSi är den sista modellen i en serie av SLR-kameror tillverkade av 'Zenza Bronica Industries Ltd' (Japan). Modellen introducerades 1989. Modellen är relativt liten och kompakt och enkel att bära med sig. Bronica var populär i USA och ansågs vara ett prisvärt alternativ till Hasselblad. I Sverige verkar Bronica inte haft lika stor spridning. Zenza Bronica ägdes mot slutet av 'Tamron Industries Ltd' och de sista serierna av objektiv är designade av just Tamron. Optiken anses vara skarptecknande och av god kvalitet.

Några tekniska kortfakta:

  • Filmformat: 120, 6cm x 4.5cm
  • Spegeluppfällning
  • Bulb-läge
  • Möjlighet till TTL-mätning (med AI-prisma: spot/snitt/matris)
  • All optik har elektronisk centralslutare med slutarhastighet ner till 1/500 sek.
  • Möjlighet till TTL-OTF mätning vid blixtfotografering.

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En användarmanual för ETRSi finns för nedladdning, se nedan:



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